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Late Summer Gutter Cleaning

When you think of late summer and early fall yard maintenance, you probably think about cutting and seeding the lawn one last time, pruning and cleaning out flower beds or decorating for the oncoming holidays. Don’t forget the importance of gutter cleaning!

Why Late Summer Is Perfect For Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is a highly utilitarian job. Gutter Cleaning is necessary for your gutters to function properly and should be done at least twice a year – at the end of winter before spring rains and at the end of summer and early fall when storms subside. Winter is a wet season across most states. Be it snow or rain landing on your roof, fall and winter throws leaves and debris at your roof, clogging gutters to the point they can cause structural damage to your home from water overflow.

In early fall, the same can be said due to summer storms blowing branches, leaves, and debris around. Birds may make nests in cozy gutter spaces, or you may find yourself with algae buildup. Get your gutters clear before the in-between season mess can build up more blockages and end up with a costly mess.

Why Choose A Professional

Don’t be that guy that falls off the ladder or the guy that doesn’t know how to flush a system. The most common risk associated with gutter cleaning are falls, with statistics showing over 80,000 people fall and get mildly or seriously injured every year, often requiring immediate medical care. Most of these accidents could have been readily avoided with using proper equipment, but that often doesn’t account for the age, physical condition, or knowledge of the homeowner which continues to keep the number of accidents high. Other safety concerns include ladder incidents, entanglement and death from wiring or power lines, the use of improper equipment, slippery conditions due to rain, ice, or snow, and the risk of disease from mold or vermin living in your gutters. A professional is bonded and can get the job done quickly. They know what tools to bring and what exactly to do on your roof.

Gutter cleaning service professionals have the experience and resources necessary to provide your home with clog-free gutters. The experts at United Exterior Services offer exceptional quality in gutter cleaning, house washing, power washing, line stripping, and more. Call today and we’ll take great care of your property from large commercial projects with deadlines to historic homes with sensitive exteriors!

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